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Understanding a Product Liability Case

Companies that manufacture or sell products are responsible for ensuring these products are safe when used as recommended. Testing and verification of the products should be a part of the development process; but there are still unsafe and potentially hazardous products out there on the market.

A product liability attorney lawyer is a professional with expertise in this very complex area of the law. The attorney at Edwards & Bullard Law, we have been working in the role of an attorney on these types of cases for almost three decades. Our law firm has extensive experience in representing clients in the Macon and Milledgeville, GA area who have been injured due to defective products.

Why Experience Matters

A product liability attorney in our law firm focuses on representing an individual or those who have been individuals harmed by defective products. It is essential to not only prove the case but also to ensure that all parties that are defendants to the case and are named.

It is also essential to understand the compensation and damages for the specific case. This is also a complex area, and the attorney/lawyer works with experts, specialists and industry professionals to create a solid case for your claim.

If you have been injured when using a product, or if you were injured by a defective product someone else was using, contact the product liability experts at Edwards & Bullard Law. We offer free consultations on all cases for individuals in the Milledgeville and Macon, GA areas, as well as for people in surrounding locations.