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The Tragedy Of A Wrongful Death

For the loved ones of a person tragically lost in a wrongful death accident, trying to deal with the grief and the loss of their family member can be overwhelming. The experienced, compassionate and caring attorneys at Edwards & Bullard Law are here to provide the legal representation you need in this very difficult time.

Unfortunately, insurance companies and involved parties often try to force family members into accepting low settlement offers. Talking to an experienced wrongful death lawyer/attorney at our law firm can help you to understand what a fair settlement would be in your wrongful death case.

Our team of legal experts in the Dublin, Macon and Milledgeville, GA, area has over 29 years of experience working directly with insurance companies. The wrongful death attorney/lawyers in our firm understands what evidence and information must be presented to the insurance companies to negotiate a compensation that is fair for to the surviving family members.

In some cases, there may also be a criminal case based on the death. In these situations, our law firm works closely with our clients to ensure they are informed and aware of the legal process, and where a civil legal action fits into the big picture.

While obtaining a settlement in a wrongful death case does not help with remedy the loss and the pain, grief and overwhelming tragedy of the event, it does offer the option for of freedom from financial concerns at an already very trying time.

If you are in the Dublin GA, Macon GA or Milledgeville, GA, areas, contact the law offices of Edwards & Bullard Law for a free consultation. The wrongful death lawyer from our firm will work with you and ensure you receive fair compensation for your loss.